Sunday, March 28, 2004

"I have refused to set down on paper a single phrase that did not emerge from my deepest soul. Not one line that did not express the truth about woman, and about her power of giving. This is why I have asked my pen to take the oath of refusing to write a single line if it were to express weakness or frustration, as well as to refuse to obey me if it felt me cowardly before truth. I then asked it to help me bring to the fore the greatest number of women whose lives I share, by drawing nearer to them and becoming their mouthpiece. "

"We would thus bare ourselves completely before each other, by ridding ourselves of the rust accumulated with the passage of time. We would cry out against all the circumstances and events that have deprived us of the bursting forth of our human powers."

"Lastly, I believe that theatre is the light that illuminates the path of mankind. A light that ensures an organic link with the spectator by creating warmth between us -- be that communication through the written text or through the performance on stage."(World Theatre Day International Message 2004 | Fathia El Assal)

:: note :: . . . was too busy attending theater and making theater to note yesterday was World Theater Day . . . looked at last year on this day . . . discovered world theater links . . . find 'if'... useful this way . . . following my own blinks . . .