Monday, March 15, 2004

"2. The National Theatre is not a school, a museum or amusement hall"

"Theatre can handle politics - Brecht showed us that. But politicians never know what to do with theatre. The Right want it to be unsubsidised entertainment while the Left would prefer it to be a branch of the education and social work department. Nationalists tend to want theatre to preserve old languages, old plays or old writers simply for the sake of cultural heritage. A living theatre uses the work of the past to speak to the people of the present. It presents work which offers intimations of the future. It encourages restlessness and it offers possibilities. Let the National be a living theatre. Anything else is the equivalent of performing native dances at buffet dinners in expensive hotels."(sundayherald | Our New National Theatre ... Like An Elephant Let Loose Upon The Machair | We asked playwright David Greig to script a manifesto for Scottish drama. This is his vision for the future.)
via The Literay Salon

:: note :: . . . besides being a great title many items to ponder . . . really question the notion of a national theater . . . the age offers trans/global/multi theaters . . . from the specific towards the universal back to the archic essence . . .