Saturday, February 21, 2004

"Zappa's scorn for tenured composers of that kind of music is well documented in The Real Frank Zappa Book. For him, the whole classical scene was a cesspool of snobbishness. He regarded most orchestras as pampered bar bands, churning out covers of the classics. His dealings with them made it clear to him that they were usually more interested in exploiting his image (and money) than in dealing seriously with his music."

"Far from bridging a gap between one kind of music and another, Zappa denied that there were any real gaps, in terms of overall status or quality. It was all sound to him, all equally plunderable and manipulatable. As in the Bible's vision of a world redeemed, the low places and the high were all the same. Ben Watson, the most erudite and elephantine of Zappa critics, writes about the centrality of rubbish in Zappa's Dada-likeaesthetic . "(Globe& | Entertainment | Firing up the classical Zappa By ROBERT EVERETT-GREEN)