Wednesday, February 18, 2004

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"Thinking about my own history of writing, it has become clear to me that it's not that there was poetry and then there were books; the materials and the objects were the poetry. When I'm writing it's not necessarily to communicate, it's to make something. Certain things can only exist in the form you're making; you can see things, you can understand things that can't exist in any other way. The issue of making the things comes first; . . ."

"I do a lot of work on the computer; I hate it. My body does not feel happy. I was very conflicted with video. I very much needed to make a piece that could put together movement, image, color, text, but I hated the process, the queuing up, the editing, the equipment - hours and hours of activity that I didn't love. To me, that's the worst direction in making art. Everything counts when you're making a piece, every gesture; when you're polishing, sanding: that's the work, that's part of the piece as well. Something about the electronic or digital process is distancing for me. I'm making a split, a deal, between what I want to end up with and what I'm going to do to get there. But I'm sure that other people must find pleasure in the process."(Livres de Po├Ętes: Meredith Stricker | scroll to end)

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:: note :: . . . spent no time in front of a computer three years ago . . . it does change one physically . . . my body does resist . . . the back . . . the eyes . . . my experience has been rather than distance the portal creates connection . . .