Sunday, February 15, 2004

"Structure of feeling can be quickly defined as 'the distilled residue of the organization of the lived experience of a community over and above the institutional and ideological organization of the society'"(City of Sound | Structure of Feeling)

"Raymond Willaims used the term structure of feeling to designate the emotional bonding generated by values and practices shared by a specific group, class, or culture. The concept includes ideology, in the sense of an articulated structure of beliefs, but also ranges beyond it to encompass collective desires and concerns below the conscious level. Williams, for much of his academic life a professor of drama at Cambridge University, applied structure of feeling both to the general dynamics of culture and to the specific interaction that occurs in theatrical communication. The term suggests both the rich images that spark immediate "feeling" from audience members and the underlying "structures" that generate these images. Is there, then, a general structure of feeling in successful community-based theater, and , if so, how might one describe and analyze it?"(Performing Democracy. Susan C. Haedicke and Tobin Nellhaus, Editors. 35)

:: note :: . . . long ago connected the structure of feeling with the intelligence of feeling . . . later moved into a broader understanding that needs more specifics . . . the (re)search continues . . .