Thursday, February 26, 2004

"As investigated by surrealists, the Marvelous is that which has been provokes a sensation that threatens the existing order and definition of reality. Over the last century, this very common human sensation has been obscured or otherwise co-opted by religious authoritarianism, patriotic mysticism, mass-media mirages, and compulsory commodity consumption. But the wild nature of the Marvelous persists, often grabbing our attention through startling dream images, lucky coincidences, and sudden manifestations of our secret, deep-seated desires. In those moments, the Marvelous strike us with a double-edged frisson of delight and fright that disorients us and provides a perceptual foothold for destabilizing the daily drudgeries of life in a capitalist State. Surrealists assert that the accumulated intensities of Marvelous experiences can help us to overcome the alienation and fragmentation so typical of contemporary existence -- by developing an appreciation for the Marvelous, we are more capable of dissolving the repressive, culturally-constructed tissue that divides perception from knowledge, imagination from physical life, inner worlds from outer worlds, and poetic contemplation from lived experience."(InterActivist INFO EXCHANGE | Oliver Katz, "Surrealist Phone Book)