Friday, September 05, 2003

". . . I think it is important that education acts to destroy itself - the most important thing that any school can teach you is that you don't need school. "

". . . my teachers - they have become colleagues, not because of any basic change in attitude on either side, but because of a change in the level of knowledge we share. No one knows everything; when you figure out that it is important to talk to people because they actually know things that you don't, you become a much more effective learner."

". . . The flow of knowledge works both ways in school. I learn things from my students every semester. I enjoy that aspect a lot . . . "(this Public Address: Gated Communities)

:: note :: . . . a space that opened a gate about transparency . . . the public/private gates/no gates . . . no fence around the temple and the windows just may get smashed . . . get spanked beyond the ideal paradigmatic . . . just Bubble&Box it out . . .