Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Travelling Questions&Answers in Wilds/WaterWays

Day One - West of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Unfurling the red.

A gentle snap.

You ‘re at the well.

Are you awake?

Forget, let all drop, abandon shyness.

Water pours through gravel and heat waves.

From a distant swing

the call squeaks a vibrating past memory.

Are you thirsty?

The crows remain.

Follow father’s black blood line

back to grandmother.

Past the pass,

behind the Crow,

where mountain lions cross

and mushrooms flourish.

Not time to mine the black coal

or mime false black diamonds of youth.

Let sweet mists disappear the dams

and resevoirs of Old Man River.

Leave behind the glorious foothills

of Pincher Creek and Head Smashed In.

Tradition longs for past wanderings.

Pass the past,

behind the Crow,

where mountain lions crossed

and mushrooms flourished.

Yes I am awake.

Yes I am thirsty.

The delicate doe stretches

beginning her solitary twilight foraging.

:: comment :: ... this writing and the next six days will document a journey form praire to coast ... a physical map and an inner premonition ... a time shortly before the death of my father ... unexpectedly ...