Sunday, July 13, 2003

Travelling Questions&Answers in Wilds/WaterWays
Interlude/The Snake

A wrapped staff pokes and prods. Checking for support.
Gathering shells, sea weed and rings for unknown reasons.
The ever present bear lumbers about at a good distance.
The blue opens and behind the face of the rock wall,
algae stalagites drip porous green on slimy rock.
Sunlight dances to the music of the tidal pools.
Other worldly craters and black lava like embedded
chunks, perfectly shaped balls, form a crude circle.
The wrist wrapping, snapping colours of blue, yellow and green
tame nothing but excite the spirit. A grey spotted sea lion lazily


Long green grass floats. The snake splashes a rainbow mist.
The undulations peel away skin to the silent ullalations.
The watersheds beckon. Be careful of the trickster squalls.
Fall into tidewater. The shells break. Departing soaked the
whipping mist and cold rain chills to the bone. Sea pups wave
goodbye. Touch the purple sea urchin. Let the stars recognize
the depth. One door is all you need to enter