Saturday, July 12, 2003

Travelling Questions&Answers in Wilds/WaterWays
Day 4 - Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Snaps alive in salty wind. Orange jelly eggs.

On the beach.
Breathe the waves.
Turn back and listen to the roar.
Run the washed, pebble strewn coast line.
Wash inside. Wash outside. Touch nothing. Build endurance.
Sweep west and east and west again. Listen. Take time.
Dance the spine, backbone of invisible cities.
A bright sunflower brilliant light shines.
A place comes.

Smile. You are invisible.
It is good to be strong.

Prepare to cross over. Other worlds wait.
At the portal offer seven salmon berries.
They are bitter this early summer.

The night brought apocalyptic dreams of vast
technological landscapes, desolate cities,
wireless power poles crossing endless empty
asphalt highways and wind catchers
stagnant standing the propellors still.

I awake heart racing - need water.
Surging waves leap the sky.
Gravel chatters in cold rain.

Stagger out, shake off the wetness.
It is written: “ripple, eddie, chops & swells washouts and turbulence
some holes are ‘keepers’, they won’t let you in.”

The ravens grumble.
“Yes you can see.
Yes you have remembered.
Can you face the face.”