Thursday, July 10, 2003

Travelling Questions&Answers in Wilds/WaterWays
Day Two - West of Calagary, Alberta
After the Storm

The voice stands wrapped & quivering.

The milky Bow River washes orange.
Fast fed from glacial run-off,
after a night of thunder and sheets of rain,
the feet warm the ice cold current
waving east.

Tiny strawberries clothe the path to the water.
Three cricket exo-skeletons close in the eye.
A delicate flower disppears soundlessly into the forest
where mirrored orange traces rise in lush poppy hearts.

Shiny black bear halts all in her bath.
The cub blissful and gentle protected sniffs.
I’ve seen this bear once briefly before dusk
running the waves amoung heavy snowed cedars
dripping wet on a brilliant morning in Manning Park.

No need for food.
Nourishment is found.
Thank you for the chantrelles.

What do you want to know?

The old goat
on the craggy rock ledge
moves his head abruptly.
Despite blended grey silver grey
allows himself to be seen.

What do you know?

What do you know?
I ask silently.
Don’t tell me stranger.
I know you as mountain creature.
What do you know?

The stellar jay startles me and laughs,
beak stuffed full of bread decoying from tree to tree.

“No such thing as a free meal!”

Raven screams oracles into the tropical green.
Visit the temple of accumulated fragrance.
Share place with water striders and dragonflies
as they float and skim the surface.
Skunk cabbage pods leave drum mallets.
Elderberries intoxicate beckoning into a world of black mystery.

I step high to the west
wanting to soar high.
High to tighten the green.
She can’t be lost.
The grizzly leaves teeth markers.
The old ways are practiced.
We have much higher to go and even further
to descend into the night.
Dark spirit catcher and wind
bring mystery eyes and sleep.

Fly high.