Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Travelling Questions&Answers in Wilds/WaterWays

. . .written just before it is too dark to see. . .

Five flames surround
the white umbrella.
A twilight wind rustling sky.
A calm surrounds the fingers
which hold a sphere.

A green world.

Toss, turn, bob and bounce.
We shape the world consistantly.
Call a star and it appears even though
there all the time, brighter and brighter strong
minding the eye into the night - goodnight.

Image seer boy draws a volcano.
The spoken for voice speaks like a true little cat.
Sad to leave, to let go, wipe the tears, turn, go - we never leave.

Umbrella in the sky points to the dipper.
Cables converge. Long ago another boy
made a telescope to track Galelio’s moons.
Grind, polish, measure the shallow concave mirror as the father watches.
Focal point over thirty years away.
Reflect Self. Good Night.

Light morning brings fresh water.
The rushing water challenges night dreams
into full daylight smothing ruffled feathers.

Relentless journey through prone silence
into walking the vocabulary.
Needful stretch. How to meet the night?
The painful questions scratch.
The itch begs action not answers.

Thoughtful sun brightens and warms.

Take care.
Good Night.