Sunday, July 06, 2003

"This groundbreaking exhibition examines the complex relationship between healing and the creative process in the work of fifteen international artists whose artistic practices promote curative effects. Taking as its starting point the seminal work of German artist Joseph Beuys and Brazilian artist Lygia Clark, this exhibition examines the variety of ways in which these artists have influenced and directed subsequent generations of artists"(ICA Boston: Exhibitions)

:: comment :: . . . artist Beuys certainly imprinted a way of seeing /being during my student days . . . continues to exert a powerful force . . . A picture named mortalmanp.jpg
in the last months a study which became known as Mortal Man unconsciously explored the relationship between healing and the creative process . . . as always the attempt to describe or annotate any work is limiting . . . Mortal Man had many more resources and sources . . . until this moment the connection between Beuys and creativity and healing was dormant . . . never during the working process were any of these ideas discussed . . . processes occur . . . only in reflection does the depth and breadth emerge . . . could be reflecting complete nonsense . . . that is a retrospect risk . . .