Sunday, July 27, 2003


Dismounting from my horse
           to drink some wine with you,
I asked you --
           "Where are you going?"
You replied --
           that your heart's desires were ungranted,
You were going back to rest on South Mountain.
Then you went --
           I put no more questions,

The white clouds floats endlessly by...
Wang Wei (A.D. 701 - 761)

"Accordingly, the book is content to maintain the West's fascination with the exotic elsewhere, and to repeat the unequal exercise of power that enables us to name peoples as the 'other'. . . In fact, this book is primarily about anthropology's history rather than photography's. In that context, many of its contributors do offer trenchant critiques of the ways the West has chosen to represent the victims of its colonial ambitions." (nytimes:How the Other Half Photographs: Looking Globally)

:: note :: . . . a nice news critique/review of a complex issue . . . studying any of the arts is full of perils . . .