Saturday, July 05, 2003

. . . the articulation becomes more exact . . . Schechner in Performance Studies An Introduction identifies Grotowski's Vertical Transculturalism - Barba's Horizontal Interculturalism - Brook's Transnational Theater - Gómez-Pena's Hybrid Culture . . . the distinctions are clear and provide a way of describing work which may touch these spheres . . . here are his definations to be used in the context of performance studies . . .

Intercultural: Between or amoung two or more cultures. Intercultural performances may emphasize the integrative or the disjunctive.

Transculturalism: working or theorizing across cultures with the assumption that there are cultural universals - behaviours, concepts, or beliefs that are true of everyone, everywhere, at all times.

Vertical/horizontal intercultural research: Vertical research seeks original or true universal performaces in the convergence of past cultural practices with individual deep experiences. Horizontal research locates transcultural or universal truths in similarities among contemporary cultures.

Hybrid performances: Performances which incorporate elements from two or more different cultures or cultural sources.