Friday, May 30, 2003


"We write things we believe, we write things we want to believe, we write things we ought to believe even though we cannot believe them. We write about who we were, not who we are; we write about who we wish he had been and what we wish we'd thought to say. Isn't that more true, in the end, than a recording?"

(Mark Bernstein: Salam Pax Is Real)

"Silence is associated with many virtues: modesty, respect for others, prudence, decorum. Thanks to deeply ingrained rules of etiquette, people silence themselves to avoid embarrassment, confrontation, and other perceived dangers. There's an old saying that sums up the virtues of silence: "Better to be quiet and thought a fool than to talk and be known as one." The social virtues of silence are reinforced by our survival instincts. Many organizations send the message[~]verbally or nonverbally[~]that falling into line is the safest way to hold on to our jobs and further our careers. "

(When Silence Spells Trouble at Work by Leslie A. Perlow)