Saturday, May 31, 2003


"How can you occupy a place and also have it occupy you? How can you find such a reciprocity? . . . The key, I think, is to become vulnerable to a place. If you open yourself up, you can build intimacy. Out of such intimacy may come a sense of belonging, a sense of not being isolated in the universe. . . . . Concentrate instead on feeling a place, on deliberately using the sense of proprioception. Where in this volume of space are you situated? The space behind you is as important as what you see before you. What lies beneath you is as relevant as what stands on the far horizon. Actively use your ears to imagine the acoustical hemisphere you occupy. "

(A Literature of Place by Barry Lopez/via Bowen Island Journal: May 18)

:: comment :: ... need to document place ... more will come ... this comment is not frozen in time or space ...