Friday, February 28, 2003


"In these dreadful times, it gratifies me immensely to listen to the voices of individual artists inculcating the lessons of human history through the work of human hands and minds, and making their remote experience immediate through their recognition of the worthiness of that work. For me, this is precisely what it means to accept the value of the modern world - finding a way to synthesize disparate elements of culture into a specific personal iconography of the self, and being able to remain open to the changes this exploration provokes. For this stands against the fundamentalist view of human life, the dogmas of fixed belief that threaten the future of the whole world. Again and again in every age, artists urge us toward life in the spirit, and away from death. That is why death-seeking cultures always subvert and attempt to destroy their artists."

(the Spleen:Culture/Invitation to Dance)