Tuesday, January 28, 2003


there's two faced alienated witnesses
living together in semi-permanent former bliss
as long as each avoids the agreed.


Everyone cares if the balance of power shifts
just don't read about it
what is heard can be ignored
Cared and have been caring and will continue to care
to go forward
when the snow melts
"What are you looking at?" groans the scratched eye.
Shout above the playing video.
(Is that you talking?)
This is my life
what were you thinking
when you embraced me . . . it meant something . . .
You destroyed my life!
(Who is speaking?)


Trying to take away the anger, the violence I am.
Wrath wraps over central park hanging from steel gates.
Visit the virtual mapblast and paint it red
the geo-url bookmarked
police storm the door
a programmer is with us
The skins crack dry
"Don't touch" the terminal blinks.
Irritated coughs scratch inside bleeding -
spit death threats hollowing out.