Sunday, November 03, 2002


One Fluid Take Tracks a River of History: A love letter to the past created with the help of new technologies, Alexander Sokurov's "Russian Ark" made history at the Cannes International Film Festival with the longest tracking shot ever seen... "By shooting the film in a single take, my goal was not to set a cinematographic record," Mr. Sokurov said. "Rather, I tried not to argue with time. I lived in accordance with time and became its pupil." By Leslie Camhi. [New York Times: Arts]

:: comment :: . . .the technology of film was developed at the same time as the gatlin gun & for me there is no coincidence in the use of language . . . shots, cuts . . . each image is shot at the viewer lacerating the brain ... which seeks to heal . . . the greater the cut (in time and continuity) the deeper the laceration and more effort to heal . . . this comment/observation, of course, is wild speculative nonsense . . .