Saturday, October 05, 2002

shadows three

. . .One wrong step into the shadows three around the light of emotions - love, need & desire . . . immediately sent me scrambling into past terrors . . . couldn't find exactly what was remembered but this will suffice . . . Yuganaddha: The Tantric View of Life (3rd edition, Chowkhamba, 1976) (1st edition 1952) -
"We must never forget that imagination does not merely employ childish symbols of love, fear, and awe as emotional equivalents for adult experience, but that it recaptures an intenseness and directness of emotional experiences, rarely met with in adult experience. If, in any respect whatsoever, these "childish" experiences are more important than comparable adult ones, imagination or fantasy thinking in making "infantile" emotions available for use in adult living, performs a tremendously valuable public service. On the psychic plane, childhood need not necessarily be the immaturity of man, it may be much more the preparatory stage of the adult mind, just as the tadpole is the preparatory stage of the frog rather than an immature frog."(Herbert V. Guenther.p. 80-81)