Thursday, October 24, 2002

hot docs

"In his magnificent new work, acclaimed documentarian Kevin McMahon poetically examines McLuhan's last scholarly treatise, the Laws of Media, using a myriad of media sources and filmic devices. The film, like the man, forces us to grapple with questions about how technology affects people and their environment. McLuhan's Wake features voice performances by renowned artist Laurie Anderson and by Eric McLuhan, Marshall's son, as well as the screen debut of Andrew McLuhan, Marshall's grandson.
According to Senior Canadian Spectrum Programmer David McIntosh: "McLuhan's Wake is a visually dazzling and dynamic study of the life of a truly original Canadian thinker. Kevin McMahon has brought McLuhan's sometimes controversial and often misunderstood theories about . . ."

. . .Why wake? . . . "a connection to Joyce's Finnegans Wake, Finn is being awakened by electric technology . . . wake up . . . McLuhan has left a huge footprint, a huge wake . . . are we powerless or not McLuhan makes it clear we are . . . we may control our environment and technology and we have the means but we don't see the means (Kevin McMahon in conversation with Elenor Wachtel about his documentary McLuhans Wake. CBC: Radio One: The Arts Today )