Tuesday, October 15, 2002


Reflections of the trees were floating on the water at our feet, trees and the placid moon, and in the light we saw ourselves beside them, images reversed. Reflecting on ourselves, our depths would rise continually beside the moon, our thoughts laid bare and dancing as our bodies danced, our feet appearing nearest to the surface, heads against the fallen sky. No matter what we said, the sound of it was no more audible than trees or moon, and we divined that this

is what a spell might be, to see ourselves as we are bound to move within the moon and trees, our bodies unconstrained, our gestures on the water our reflections coming back to us, and we divined it was a spell that we had cast. Holding the moon between us, we could not stray from ourselves, but move, no longer knowing how, wherever it would move, our undulations those the moon owns, returned but measured with the moon, a reckoning we had not thought. (E.D. Blodgett . Apostrophes III alone upon the earth. p. 48)