Monday, June 24, 2002

Heart Play

My thoughts are wounds in my head. My brain is a scar. I want to be a machine. Arms to drag legs to walk no pain no thinking. (Heiner Müller , 'Hamletmachine' )


A May I lay my heart at your feet.

B If you don't make a mess on my floor..

A My heart is clean..

B We'll see, won't we..

A I can't get it out..

B Would you like me to help you..

A If you wouldn't mind..

B It'll be a pleasure. I can't get it out either..

A cries.

B I will remove it surgically. What have I got this penknife for anyway. We'll have this sorted out in no time. work will keep you from despair. Right, there we are. But this is a brick. Your heart is a red brick..

A Yes, but it beats only for you..

A beats B to death with the brick..
(Addition, July 1991).

------------- Heiner Müller -----------------

from Heiner Müller Theatremachine translated and edited by Marc von Henning