Friday, February 08, 2002

rePost metAmorfine

a delightful 21st Century theatrical adaptation of Ovid's Metamorphoses - metAmorfine - presenting the idea & concept of transformation through the physicalization of water, sex, drugs, music, and the apocolyptic and mundane events of life.

. . . from the director Neil Cadger: " . . . Truth is in continuous Transformation."[22.Kundalini, symbol 89. Transformation]" . . . My first concern was to try and find a way to allow the ideas to evolve, while working on things like rhythm and choral speech which obviously have to be done daily. Order and anarchy mingling inextricably. And now, just before the premiere I' m trying to take it further, changing, rearranging, looking for new shapes and frequencies. . . . ."
after the show articulating my feelings. . . akin to an intensely interactive google search . . . following seemingly random but intricately woven together facts, images, associative links . . . constructing a linear but deeply textured experience . . . mingling, looping, fragmenting the performers played with contrasting hues of alienation & ecstatic dance dipping into pools of ironic pleasure . . . Thank you Neil . . . Thank you cast of 17 wonderful actors and a musician. Much joy and discovery in the week to come.

The show metamorfine continues to haunt . . . talking with an actor & finding the language to penetrate the experience returns over & over again to meditations on virtual reality, cyberspace, hypertext . . . how we see, perceive, feel, the space between us towards an understanding of (around/surround/inside/beside/outside) us...