Thursday, May 02, 2013

Find the lost eye

trees breathe seasons time
not still as boulders
nor rapid as the river
more like tall, tall
grasses waiting

waiting for
a sign
a companion's touch
the whispering wind

if I waited that long
ants would devour me
& the sky would darken
to briefly open crying:

"dance skeleton
dance bitter
before the moon."

it was the bones singing
with the one-eyed snake
my father smiled
from the bellybeast
smashing fists down
shaking his head:

"Find the the lost eye."

for years & years I have
walked trails by the river
listening for ancient stories
the words no one knows
climbing out over the water
seeing nothing beneath
but mud or the sun diamonds

sage & holy strangers,
warriors & birds overhead
I turn & wait another year
to retrieve the flames
under whatever floats
around dancing whirlpools
even under the ice of tears
in this deeper absent sky

"Find the lost."

the uproot pelicans
circle above the weir
each passing spring
it gets harder to know
how much is hypothetical
and how much is ...


:: Note :: ... much gets lost ... more is missed ...