Friday, January 04, 2013

course 2

Expressive Movement IV: The way towards a personal movement training.

Investigating creative potentialities through a rigorous confrontation with the elements of an actors movement/action.

 Aspects of inquiry:
- Centering, grounding, body mapping, rhythm and flow
- Space awareness devoted to:  taking care and reacting to the space, spatial  balancing, creating partnership with the space, in the space with an object.                                    
- Pre-creative potentialities of movement.
- Plastiques and Corporals 
(Jerzy Grotowski and the Teatr Laboratorium)
- Relations between precision and organicity.
- Associations: the impulses / the vigilant mind.
- Associations within a structure.
- Gesture (Michael Chekov)
- Methodologies: theory and performance praxis  
- Dancingness: Aliveness, presence and encounter
- Reveal, activate and transform

Participation / 40

Projects / 60

1. Individual / 20
Keep a detailed journal/log of class experiences. The log will include a research section and a practical exploration of the concepts of Joseph Chaikin: 'space', 'place', territory', 'zone', 'sphere', 'abandonment', 'exile', 'occupation' and 'habitation'

2. Partner Object / 20
Take inspiration from different types of iconography which affect physicality. Through an intense improvisational journey create a dancingness with partner.

3. Group / 20
 Create a group session to reflect on the terms investigations

:: Note :: ... courses are pretty much the same as both groups are experiencing new work ...