Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How tundra came.


A wintastery
Rice paper lanterns float
on cascading milky ways.

Thoughts stand frozen
like star prints
in the meridian.

On the glacier 
under the snow – the bones
were crackling with the wind.

Memories drift from
the gauze of moonbeams –
like a veiled volcano.

Sleeping in the sparkling.
There, I buried –
forgotten in the frostline.


Sharp claws of black
scratch the surface –
a curious rejection. 

Roused from dream.
I met an immense shadow
in a pair of eyes.

These meetings
set out under ice 
flows inside out.

You see me
I see you
another no other.


Go quiet as breath,  
toward the density. 
Troubles are a search.
I hear the lament -
the ballad of yesteryear.

The red rhythm beats
La neige blues meet
We all fall down.

I have been there -
lying in times past
gradient back traces.


The ice fields open
and he doesn't see me.
This shimmer.

Something has happened.
The moon lights up the sky.
We knew about it.

Hear the silence.
I hum a secret, to reach
all the way in there.

A vibration of the heart
What a strange calm -
the inner pulse.

:: Note :: ... describing the birth of a work in ways of associology ...