Saturday, July 09, 2011

having darkness

No not a shadow.
Like having midday darkness at your back you can feel
but you can't see.

As if it were boring into your skull,
the shape of a recently vanished figure.
He is not living where he really lives.

The door leads into a hallway
and up the stairs with a sharp corner.

It's not that they shared the place long
but the cigarette smell stopped lingering.

There was only one door and it was magnificently quiet.

Looking behind requires no effort.

Came another with a feeling of dissonance,
almost as troublesome.

Not of being absent but building belonging.

They were drying the air shifting possessions
from one place to another.

They moved along nailing and staining
without agreements.

He desired to make an invisible room.

He left cans and crumbs scattered throughout.
There was his black cat jumping to the window sill
watching every move. Broke through the screen to escape,
returning when called.

A scheduled group came drifting in with stomps and grunts.

If this took place anywhere near an institution
it would be clearly terrifying.

This could be the reason he has started to scowl wanting to howl.

:: Note :: ... peace will come soon ...