Sunday, July 25, 2010

the faceless socialist

the faceless socialist
by stefan montalbetti
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"the faceless socialist'

is not faceless

the face is not blacked out but whitened out, it is in fact the face which boldly demands attention … a distinctive etched face, ghost-like obliterated, beckons behind the white mask of this agrarian worker behind what? A plough, a gate, a tombstone … holding what in the left hand? A pitchfork, a flag, a spear … a prophet's staff ...

are those fences? Flowing fences where the lone figure poses battle-ready protecting the furrowed earth … one-armed, one-eared, one-buttoned, half-rolled sleeve, the half-known icon, not full frontal, not fenced in, angled … resting, watching, waiting, retreating …

he … though slightly showing … eyeless, mouthless & legless … sees, speaks & stands in the tradition of brothers and sisters proud, strong & free … there is no balance, no justice, no reparation … no thing can heal the outrage done to …

the not faceless

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::note:: ... my son gifted me this and another "father Gray" a couple of days ago ... brought it over with a meal he had made & some beer ... he's taking a summer print-making art class towards completion of a history degree & this summer he plays Romeo in a student R&J production ... i admire his intuitive powers ...