Monday, June 28, 2010

fall down

"They have given us war and we are going to give them war back."

Who doubts a worse world may fall down.
Together, not out of cowardice, nor provocation
with tears carving the cheek as if a funeral,
as if extinguished, whether at protests or among prisoners.
The hooded, the convergence and those who lowered their visors,
hoisted their shields dare. Isolated islands in the Han river dream
leaders and visitors will not return to dream armament.
Bear witness, for a moment, fear and force stopped.

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:: note :: ... attempting to see what cannot be seen ... how can one make any sense of Toronto & g20 ... too much was seen ...

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Originally uploaded by raYmon
Performance disappears in the moment of its manifestation.
It is an expression of the potentiality of the past and of the way the past can shape the creative impulses and imaginative landscape of the present.
Performance is a restless visibility of imagination and embodies the invisible intensity for the sudden, epiphanic emergence of the genuinely unplanned unknown.
Performance sculpts space creating temporary bursts of ‘now’-ness inside a form constantly vanishing.
Performance negotiates action with breath, blood, bone & mind in fields structured by desire, power, gender, identity, narrative and memory in ways consciously deep & with nuanced understanding.
Performance dreams wakefulness.

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:: note :: ... what is performance? ...

Monday, June 07, 2010

Zygmunt Molik

Received e-mail this afternoon
Dear colleagues: As many of you will have worked with him and many others will know much about him, this is just to let you know the sad news that Zygmunt Molik died last night at 6 pm in Wroclaw hospital.
... checked the The Grotowski Institute ... the words confirmed ... I had been told he had been bed ridden this past while and even last week had dreamt of a passing ... still for a moment time eternal stopped ... why must we suffer losses?
"The secret lies in the voice, sound as whole and pure as it’s possible. Its essence is to release and awake the middle part of the body. Different parts of the body are very often separated: the head is separated, the legs… We are blocked. As a result of combining vocal and body excersises we reach the point, where the whole organism is active in speaking and singing." (Zygmunt Molik)

... Zygmunt Molik's Voice and Body Work the Leagacy of Jerzy Grotowski was published eight days ago ... thirty five years ago (1975) during the University for the Exploration of a Theatre of Nations organized by Grotowski and the Laboratory Theatre I attended a session called Acting Therapy ... my movement from desire to practical research began at that moment ... a cultural, raison d'ĂȘtre explosion ... from Wroclaw, Vienna, Venice, to Toronto opportunities came to work with this master of wry humour and deliberate understatement ...

... once while I attempted a profound explanation of the voice/text I was exploring he responded: "I know nothing of that but please tilt your head to the side" ... he was right ... an oracle that confounded and comforted ... from then on, as much as my tendency was towards the sacred & holy, he urged the work to be deeply practical ... his gaze scrutinized your work with a dense silence belying the impish sparkle just beneath the calm, reserved exterior ... the precious few things I pass on came from him ... his was a gentle soul compressed into total concentration ... I know not where he now voices but for the time being I will tilt my head to the side & quietly honour his departed presence ...

... I will in each breath inhale the many hundred particles of his vibrational wisdom that will eventually be a new inch of topsoil & wash into the textwork ocean ... on a shore eight thousand waves break a day ... that is how we suffer loss ...

- See: Memorium

:: note :: ... he was my teacher/guide ... cannot miss him for he lives within me ... my wife shared a story of after watching him smoke at every workshop break only to search for foil or empty bottle or whatever to dispose of the butts she gifted him a simple ashtray ... he lovingly treasured the gift, washing it each day ... his foot was as light as that of a four-year-old ... my lasting image is him sprawled in a corner of the old work studio at Sonnenfelsgasse with eyes closed listening intently to the work & smiling ...