Wednesday, August 27, 2008

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:: note ::... old school post ... years ago many posts were of this link type ... rare now with social bookmarking & tags & microblogging ... a relentless change ...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Acts of Indivisibility

(half sisters sitting on the edge of an empty theatre)

Libby:    Are we the angels?
Fanny:   (Sewing wings for the swan)
             Only if you trust that which you don't know.
Libby:    But we humans hate ourselves.
Fanny:   Only the very few trustworthy who dare to wholeheartedly
              be in love will . . .
Libby:     (interrupting) I just want to be happy
Fanny:   Ah happiness ... I have heard, meditate on the difference
             between the Important and the Essential,
             you will learn something secret.
Libby:     I feel I carry the rhythms in my face and hands.
Fanny:   Hold here tight. Gather up all the loose bits of memories
             and press into new form.
Libby:     (struggling & lets the fabric drop)
Fanny:    The sun begins in the night and ends in the middle of my
Libby:     And the moon always seems to float wherever she wishes
             drifting without laws.
Fanny:   (embraces Libby)
Libby:     I used to think your kindness might be a sign of insanity.
Fanny:   When I am dead they shall find a picture of you in my heart.
Libby:    You once told me the transmigration of souls is about leaving
            one form of being behind for another.
             (a bell rings or a wolf howls)
Fanny:   Well.
Libby:    Thanks.
Fanny:   Take this. It has no name & is the colour of silence.

(both exit opposite sides leaving the wings behind)

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:: note :: ... #3 of 365... inspired by Fanny Howe ... much of my time has been spent alone on an empty stage after the student actors have left ...

Monday, August 11, 2008


A picture named dancing.jpg

seesons uv th heart
from narrativ enigma /rumours uv hurricane by bill bissett
dansing a video poem created & read in the morning of august 11, 2008 by (inspired by meeting bill after decades of reading his work) click image to view

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:: note :: ... working with imovie & garageband ... compressing for the web is a serious deterioration of both sound & picture ... hmmm probably nothing new for the experienced ... once a year I play with this form and am surprised at both advancements and growing demands ... moving from the wow factor to the desire for better ...

Sunday, August 10, 2008


A picture named amaze.jpg

amazements jaguar jumps from narrativ enigma / rumours uv hurricane by bill bissett
a video poem created & read in the morning of aug, 9, 2008 by raymon montalbetti (inspired by meeting bill after decades of reading his work) click image to view

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:: note :: ... images of Lake Superior ... was there this time last year ... an awe inspiring lake of mythical spirit ... also visible @ youtube

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Don't Say God

Don't Say God by John Livingstone Clark

accompanied by Ray Stephanson keyboards & Duane Dorgan percussion

a temple reading video by Raymon Montalbetti

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:: note :: ... summertime & diggin ... this is a 2004 reading that never made it to the web ... it has now ...

Friday, August 08, 2008


Ain't that the truth

(A clearing on the way to the dump. Two cars lay upturned at either side of the road like wrecked sentinels.)

Lester: What say ...
Cormac: Mornin.
Lester: Mornin you aST?
Cormac: Down yonder the day is cheatin.
Lester: Let me see that there rifle.
Cormac: Hold on. What can I do for ye?
Lester: You ain't got nothin cept the rifle.
Cormac: It's a known fact we's all childs of god.
Lester: Stay away from here.
Cormac: Sure I can't hep ye?
Lester: You're a liar.
Cormac: You ain't never married. It's a grief and a heartache and they ain't no reward in it atall.
You just raise enemies in ye own house to grow up and cuss ye.
Lester: You're crazy and cain't fool me just turn around and get goin.
Cormac: You aIN'T needin' a watch are ye?
Lester: Do you reckon i need a watch. Git.
Cormac: (turning to leave) I jus don't know why people don't want to listen?
(Walks off. Long silence.) Ain't that the truth.

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:: note :: ... nothing like the doom of Cormac McCarthy ... #2 of 365 ... a reading of Child of God not recommended ...


1/? what is blood for

2/? what dies in you

3/? how do you like the war

4/? will you be here next year

5/? do u want 2 b emptee

6/? do you interrogate your impulses ... 'does Beckett strike you as a person who ever interrogated his own economic impulses?' ...

7/? is your id intact

8/? am I an imposter

9/? how to find that which i can't even remember is lost

10/? is it just a look

11/? when does the accident become the condition

12/? are we part of the anger

13/? beyond all help

14/? which irreversible process (decay, history) is too personal ...

15/? what does it mean to finish (Mark DuCharme) ...

16/? how do you keep the faith

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:: note :: ... unconsciously asked a couple of questions on ... now a discipline a little like Oblique_Chirps ... live the questions was a credo ... now I watch my questions ...