Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chris Ashley hanging

A picture named closer.jpg

... imagine my surprise when out of the blue artist Chris Ashley offered to ship a work simply as an act of gratitude for my following his html pieces throughout the years ... asked if i had a request & shocked i replied whatever comes will be appreciated ...

... we don't "know" each other ... have never met ... a sporadic network connection at best ... the last few days he posted another of his gifts hanging ... here's where mine hangs ... above my computer work station flanked by my sons piece done at age 11 ... the reflected light line seems appropriate (to me)

A picture named ashleyhanging.jpg

... his recent work may be viewed at David Cunningham Projects in San Francisco & his most recent recent work may be viewed each day on his blog Look, See which links & reviews other work as well ... the last month has been particularly stunning as the daily practice demands & challenges both form & impulse ... daily looking means to see & to see I have discovered is to stop & wonder ... to reflect on the quality of ...

- See: Art

:: note :: ... two were sent ... haven't hung the other ... yet ... thanks Chris ... sorry for the poor quality pics ... just meant to give a sense of place ...