Monday, May 26, 2008


... responding to a question on how to tell a political story in the theater ...

"Stories ground people in culture,
(and remove the alienation that causes aggression)
stimulate their imagination,
(and therefore improve the capability to change)
teach them about themselves
and connect them with each other.
Stories are a vital element of society.
Embrace non-linearity.
Let go of the idea of plot.
Realtime is non-linear.
Tell the story through interaction."

... return to Aristotle's six recognized elements in Drama ... of course rejecting plot & never forgetting imagination ...
(theme) = ACTION + (character) = SOURCE + (diction) = imaginative choice & delivery of words = TEXT + (music/rhythm) = melody of voice = SINGINGNESS + (spectacle) = imaginative use of props = DANCINGNESS makes connection ...

- See: Theater

:: note :: ... the dramaturgy of performance ...