Thursday, August 30, 2007


... back ... from where: Kenora, Neys Provincial Park, Alogonquin National Park, Laval Quebec, Quebec, Baix St.Paul, Ottawa, Toronto, Niagra Falls, Rock Lake & environs, Lake Superior Provincial Park (Agawa), Sleeping Giant Provincial Park ... was inspiring ...

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

whitewater widowmaker

the boy child riding the currents

seeks out rapids

rests impatiently in the eddies

paddles strong broad strokes

splashes the water with joy & falls for the fun of it.

the boy child wonders at the awe of the morning wind

blowing west hard

streaming through unkempt hair

cleansing heart, soul and mind

as sunlight diamond dances the water top

piecing the eye demanding vision cleansing.

the boy child quiets to listen to the crashing water flow

the smell of water spray

torrents of whitewater change

& the memories of kananaskis, king creek, wedge pond, canyons ...

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:: note :: ... preparing/cleaning out unused pockets for this summers trip came across these "notes" from last excursion ... time passes ...