Sunday, September 24, 2006


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:: note :: ... days before leaving for Australia a look over the river ... the sky opens to her dreams ... wish you wellness & love ...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

What is Released

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What is released

in the curl of decay

is the vein through which

we feel a gentleness of archaic wisdom

flowing into the earth.

And pebbles surround it there

watching breathlessly

the shrivelling in on ourselves

as wrinkles of torn time.

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:: note :: ... thanks to Chris @ Parking Lot for his What is held ... a master at cultivating open spaces ... inspiring the release of inner spaces & creating expansive expression ...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Oriana Fallaci

""With Oriana Fallaci, we lose a journalist of global fame, an author of great success, a passionate protagonist of lively cultural battles,' declared Italian President Giorgio Napolitano on Friday." ( | Provocative Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci dies)

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:: note :: ... had always admired her passion ... her book Letter to An Unborn Child was an unforgettable read ... labelled a prophet of decline she never shied from controversy and lived in courage ... yes "May her memory be eternal" ...

Monday, September 11, 2006

time passes

"Time passes; it could be a few days or a millennium. Someone digs them up and holds their skull in hand and wonders: what was the dig like then? There is nothing wrong with the newer future. Those who make it work for them will be powerful and rich. But that older future seems to have more room in it for those quiet, dry-eyed men. And I know I want, someday, to join their group as it stands frowning around a steaming car engine, each trying to figure out what went wrong."( | Men standing around broken machines)

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:: note :: ... the long now ... Paul Ford was one of the first i read in posted writings ... there is a charm, eloquence & wry humour ... & a depth of human spirit ... we need that in all times ...

Sunday, September 10, 2006


... dipping into the blue vexing learning ... seeking, attempting, failing, reflecting, succeeding, practice ... do i have the courage to unlearn to teach ... & without love what do you have ...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

aura & art

"By dividing the interpretation of an art work into several distinct "levels" it becomes possible to recognize a fundamental distinction between digital and non-digital art works, as well as realize the underlying ideology is based upon the illusion of infinite resources; as such it replicates the underlying ideology of capitalism itself -- that there is an infinite amount of wealth that can be extracted from a finite resource. It is an illusion that emerges in fantasies that digital technology ends scarcity by aspiring to the condition of information. The digital presents the illusion of a self-productive domain, infinite, capable of creating value without expenditure, unlike the reality of limited resources, time, expense, etc. that otherwise govern all forms of value and production."

"Digital forms also exhibit what could be called the "aura of information" -- the separation of the meaning present in a work from the physical representation of that work. As digital works with the "aura of information" imply a transformation of objects to information, understanding the specific structure of digital art makes the form of the "digital aura" much more explicit. "( | The Aura of the Digital )

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:: note :: ... dealing with the complex term aura & performance art ...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Body Voice Imagination

"The eye of the artist concentrates on his pencil, the pencil moves - and the line dreams."(apparently spoken by Paul Klee found in the pre-text of David Zinder's Body Voice Imagination: A Training for the Actor)

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:: note :: ... oh the delicate balance of work & play, control & release, freedom & discipline, trust & trust ... i have so much to learn while making so many mistakes ... am grateful my students & colleagues are so forgiving ...

Sunday, September 03, 2006

sunflower forest

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"If I remember the sunflower forest it is because from its hidden reaches man arose. The green world is his sacred center. In moments of sanity he must still seek refuge there." - Loren Eiseley (the sunflower forest)

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:: note :: ... seeking refuge & sanity standing on the bank of the Saskatchewan seeing over the river at twilight ...

Friday, September 01, 2006

informal learning

"informal learning is:
* deep and pervasive (representing over 80% of learning that occurs in organisations)
* uncontrolled (most is through colleagues and self discovery - without the training department in sight)
* powerful (this is the driving force of the real learning culture of the organisation, influence this and you will radically change the way your organisation learns)"

(mousemusings | informal learning)

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:: note :: ... thanks to my students & colleagues ...