Friday, March 03, 2006

his theatricality

Short Talk On His Draughtmanship
He would encourage me to move about the studio. Would not give me a pose. Drew without looking at the paper. Drew on the floor. Follow the lines, he would say, watch the surroundings. A thin arm makes a face sadder. Describing shadows he grew small, rascally.
(Anne Carson. Short Talks. Short Talk On His Draughtmanship. 18)

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Short Talk on His Theatricality
Strong, bold movements in space create the will. Quality would instill desire. Just do, the silent voice encouraged. Follow the impulses, the associations and always look outside yourself. A slow breath creates tension. Sinking back into the wall he dissolved into a laugh.
(Raymon Montalbetti. Short Talks. Short Talk Theatricality.)

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