Monday, September 12, 2005

"Ariltotle declares the independence of poetry (lyric, epic, and dramatic) in relation to politics. What I propose to do in this work is to show that, in spite of that, Aristotle constructs the first, extremely powerful poetic-political system for intimidation of the spectator, for elimination of the "bad" or illegal tendencies of the audience. This system is, to this day, fully utilized not only in conventional theater, but in the TV soap operas and in Western films as well: movies, theater, and television united, through a common basis in Aristotelian poetics, for repression of the people."(Theatre of the Oppressed. Augusto Boal.)

:: note :: . . . received this about Boal . . . (Dear Friends, Augusto Boal -- now 74 and in poor health -- has his pension "on hold" in Brazil. He needs emails sent IMMEDIATELY to the authorities in Brasilia so that they will act positively and give Augusto his pension. The pension has been held up for nine years (!). I am attaching a letter that Augsto's lawyer says should be emailed. Because the government will take final action next week, it is urgent that this email letter be sent asap.)
. . . the time is past and apparently the email appeal was valuable . . .