Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A picture named Untitled2_2004.jpg

"Fountain deals with elementals or essences: fire + water = blood. The time is both now, in the industrialized landscape of North America, and in another zone, a time of creation, myth and prophecy. The element of water is represented both as a body of water in the projection and literally as a wall of falling water. Water turns to blood. As befits our times, we don't know whether this is a metaphor for creation and connectedness or an apocalyptic vision."(Rebecca Belmore Fountain | project info )

:: note :: . . . canada's official rep at 2005 Venice Biennale . . . a body of work which demands recognition . . . the picture & description are not directly related . . . but are of course from an artist working along a line of inquiry which connects all projects . . .