Thursday, July 29, 2004

A picture named essenz.jpg
"At the same time, these tragic and brooding pictures are not just apocalyptic visions hatched inside the artist's feverish mind. They gain much of their baleful conviction from Kiefer's close and incessant scrutiny of the countryside around his home in an isolated village south of Frankfurt. Here he is able to witness the annual buning of stubble after the straw has been cut, and all his landscapes gain immensely from Kiefer's firsthand observation of nature. This familiarity with the precise formation of a ploughed furrow or a havested crop enables him to root even the most harrowing and trubulent paintings in a credible down-to-earth reality. "(richard cork | new spirit, new culture, new money: art in the 1980s | p. 38)

:: note :: . . . have carried the images of anselm kiefer, just beneath consciousness, for a few days now . . . the above quote doesn't relate to the posted picture but more to other images i've been harbouring but the posted image does relate to the word/picture attraction i've developed . . . checked back a year to find on this day in the archive made similiar note of some images which seem connected to today's choice . . . life is rich in undetected rhythms & cycles of imagination . . .