Tuesday, October 14, 2003


. . . attended a decidedly bourgeois, trifling tale . . . frustrating that a institution of higher learning would not recognize what Sartre so succintly observed so many years ago . . .

1. Rejection of psychology

Psychological drama is basically ideological holding that man is not conditioned by historical and social factors, that human nature is the same everywhere. The rejection of psychology implies a desire to reach deeper into forces that ultimately shock.

2. Rejection of plot

The belief that the purpose of plot (trifling tales) was to please & simply diverted and distracted audiences into the beginning, middle, end constructions.

3. Rejection of realism of any sort.

Realism is at bottom a philosophy, a bourgeois philosophy and, in fact, realism is only valid at the conversational & insignificant level. The critical theater needed to contact the subterranean forces - the essential conditions of the human adventure which we can no longer grasp.