Saturday, April 12, 2003

as time passes

home is less and less
what's around
lose yourself
to find yourself
enter the battle
the words of students surprise
if you let them
human frailty demands a human wall(wail)
we met for a reason
the scars are (in) visiible
sweat it out
how do you know
when caught they take you home
i gotta go now
the sun is coming up
. . . it's part of what makes someone a true Artist.

There must be a willingness to risk all with a work that eminates from that quiet place where only you can go. . . My guess is that your students lack(ed) the willingness\ability to do the hard self-introspection required to do anything beyond the surface. Most people lack that trait.

(fivecats in the comments of jill/txt: dare)