Wednesday, January 29, 2003

I knew that it would soon be my turn. Choosing the right song seemed impossible until someone whispered "Morning Dew." Of course, it made perfect sense. "Morning Dew" by the South Korean folk singer Kim Min Gi has been the song of protest demonstrations in the South for decades:

When sorrow collects in my heart
bead by bead like morning dew
finer than pearl between each leaf
after a long, wakeful night,
I climb the morning hill
and attempt a small smile.
The sun rises red over the graves.
The midday heat must be my trial.
Here I come, to that wild field.
Here I come, leaving behind every sorrow.

The New York Review of Books: A Visit to North Korea by Suki Kim

:: comment :: . . . know the truth . . . whose truth . . . know that there are only many ways of seeing/being . . . give knowledge meaning . . . still i have a voracious appetite for the truth . . .