Monday, November 11, 2002

Caryl Churchill

". . .Ms. Churchill, who lives in Islington in North London, with her husband, a lawyer, has made a practice in recent years of refusing to be interviewed, believing that her opinions should be no more set in stone than her imagination. But in the past, she has acknowledged that her prime concerns are the power and powerlessness of people, their longings, obsessions and dreams. She is a humanist, has described herself as a socialist and remains the dedicated foe of the class inequalities she found in Britain after spending much of her childhood in Canada, where her parents had relocated when she was 9. But she is no didact, no propagandist, and regards it as her duty to feel her way into her more unappealing characters rather than merely condemn them. As she told The Independent in 1989, her job consists of "throwing up worries and questions and complexities which you might not have if you weren't of a particular political complexion, but not actually saying, `Here is a political course of action.' " . . . more