Thursday, June 06, 2002

Martin Esslin

Martin Esslin, Drama Theorist, Dies at 83. Martin Esslin, a drama critic, teacher and the author of "The Theater of the Absurd," a seminal book for experimental playwrights, died on Feb. 24 in London. By Mel Gussow. [New York Times: Arts]

Writing about Jan Kott, a fellow critic and European émigré, Mr. Esslin placed him in a grand tradition as one of the "truly creative thinkers whose contributions set in motion new lines of speculation and research," words that could also be applied to Mr. Esslin himself.

:: comment :: there are writings which shape & influence . . . as a naive & young student eager to learn all i could about 'new, experimental theatre' Esslin's "seminal book" fueled my passion to explore . . . i never thanked him . . . in fact, until today i never thought to thank him . . . there is an emptiness . . . i was unaware that he had a place within me . . . that place has shifted & reading of his death i found myself saddened . . . i do know that this sadness will pass . . . pass into the forgotten . . .