Monday, March 11, 2002


wonder what happened ?

syntaxerrors: a series of performed lectures

Press Release syntax errors are the symbols and letters produced by technology when given the task of translating data from one representational form to another:

"Artspeak will present a series of three 'performed lectures', investigating the relationship between authoritative language, presentation technologies and performance art.Three evening events will combine forms of art performance, pedagogical histrionics and conference tactics to create, along with technological tools, a form of cultural practice that confounds the categories of public address with inventiveness and humour. This series will negotiate the systems of language delivery found in performance art, with its history of personal confessional narrative and attention to the body of the Performer, and the passive authority and implied objectivity of the Speaker with her/his disembodied 'meta-voice©^. The series will take place in the hushed comfort and the seamless technological support of an SFU Harbour Centre lecture theatre.

In the context of 'Live: Vancouver Biennale of Performance Art', the series broadens the definition of performance to include a critical investigation of the relationship between language, technology and visual art, challenging festival audiences to consider the tradition of performance art in relation to institutional interventions."