Friday, February 01, 2002


Creating characters of image & giving them voice:

Prometheus dancing with light:
as a child camping
he placed the ends of sticks
into the fire
waving them about
creating ember patterns in the darkness
now driving on a west coast trail at night
(raining, of course)
he named himself firefly
the firefly
just as years before
at the birth of his son
he decided on:
Prometheus ___________________________________________________

creating characters of image & giving them voice:

Nijinski dancing with nijinski:
she loved nijinski
her lover once remarked
she moved like nijinski
when they had fondly parted ways
she rarely thought on him but was obsessed with nijinsky
at first she bumped into him unexpectedly
at the antique store during her visit to Amsterdam
at the tram stop on her way to the backery
then she arranged to meet him at the library
next she started seeing him in the apartment
reflected on the surfaces around her
on the blank screen of her broken TV
in the bathroom mirror
finally she started calling herself
privately, secretly & once publicly
name please?

nijinski _______________________________________________________